Today was a very sad day for us.  Our Morgan gelding Major had to be put down.  Finding someone like Jim Collins to remove his body was a blessing.  His compassion and respect for our beloved horse was phenomenal.  To anyone facing this end of life decision, words can not express how much Jim helped us get through this.  Love you Jim.  Thank you for all your help.

— Juanita & Lisa

Jimmy Collins with Quick Pickup AZ is a very caring and understanding man, he understands the importance of what he and his company does and how hard it is for the people he provides this service to.  I would refer him to anyone in search of such a service.  Thank you for everything you have done for us.

— Robby

Jimmy Collins is the one dead horse disposal business we recommend and does a good job.

— William Tryon, DVM

I have been acquainted with Jim Collins for at least 25 years both as a client of mine and as a friend.  He has always been honest, punctual and dependable in our interactions.  Jim Collins is quiet, personable and responsible.  I recommend him without hesitation.

— Jim Alexander, DVM

My 28 year old Gelding Palomino passed away recently.  It happened early morning and I called my Vet to ask for a referral for a large animal removal service.  They recommended Jim at Quick Pickup AZ, and I am so glad they did.  They were out within a few hours and it was a difficult removal because he had passed away in the barn and had to be removed with a winch.  It was all done with kindness and care.  I was so grateful for their compassion during a very difficult time.  I would highly recommend them for their professionalism and caring.  They are also horse owners and understand the connection we have to our horses.

— Jude & Gerry Schmidt

Jim responded immediately and was kind, caring and sympathetic during a VERY stressful time.  We highly recommend his service.

Thank you!
— Janet Leaman